Welcome everyone to the BTM Collective Feature.
This feature is a special one for us all here at BTM Collective as this is the very first time we are posting a blog on our site and what a way to kick it off. BTM has never been targeted towards the male demographic but we do attract a predominately male audience. We aim to change this as we want everyone to feel at home here no matter what you identify as so this is the first step towards that.

Our feature this week is a crazy talented DJ who goes by the name of Lunarplatz. In this blog we will dive into her story, how she got to where she is today and all her future plans.


Lunarplatz is 24, coming from a small town just outside of Glasgow. She told us that the area she grew up in wasn't the best so this is a massive motivation. When growing up, her mum always made sure she was looked after and now she is working towards returning the favour.

Although Lunarplatz is an insanely talented DJ, she actually is an amazing nail tech also. She has been doing this for a few years to fund her passion of being a DJ. 


Lunarplatz has been DJing now for 2 years since she had her first gig back in 2019. Initially this wasn't her plan but she has always believed that ‘what is for you will never go by you’, and sure enough DJing found her.

She told us that she has always enjoyed going out and enjoying the club scene and through doing this she developed a real love for house and techno music. After being around the scene for a while, her boyfriend who already was a DJ by the alias “Modēm”, asked if she wanted to learn. This was a no-brainer because she already loved the music and the scene.

From there the passion took over and Lunarplatz spent hours and hours on the craft to really develop her sound. She was working as a makeup artist and nail tech then getting out at the weekend to perform club nights.

Lunarplatz currently has some really exciting stuff going on and is taking the space by storm. She currently has a weekly radio slot on SG1 House Radio called 'Callisto' and has just been apart of the Afro House takeover on The Wave, Radio Buena Vida.

The 'Callisto' show over at SG1 House Radio airs every Saturday from 9pm-10pm and she is hoping to be a regular on other Radio stations in the near future.






Lunarplatz has some big plans for the future and we are so excited to see what she does. For now, she is just working hard on her sound and her passion for nail art until travelling becomes a lot more accessible.

She had this to say about her future "I see myself releasing House tracks and touring across Europe. Bringing back Old School House music to different places is a dream of mine. I’d love to play DKMNTL and at LGBTQ+ nights in Berlin".

The DJ has always had a love for Berlin and actually is thinking of moving their full time after she is done her travelling to have "lots of dogs and play our music to anyone who will listen!". She was adamant that she would still like to be a nail tech wherever she goes as this is what brings out her creative side which helps with music also.


Given all her success so far within the world of DJing, we thought we would ask Lunarplatz what her advice would be for people looking to do the same and she had this to say.

"Practice, practice, practice! You really do get better with time. I used to listen to lots of mixes in the car going to and from work, so I highly recommend doing that. By listening to other people, you subconsciously pick up new ways of mixing and different techniques. It has really helped me in moving forward as a DJ and I don’t think I would be as good as I am now without listening to others.".

She went on to explain some places where she actually learned most of her skills, "I am very grateful to have had someone physically teach me how to DJ, so if you know a friend or family member that DJ’s hit them up and get on their decks! If not, message a DJ in your local community or go to YouTube and try find some beginners classes. There will always be ways you can learn, you might just have to dig a little to find them!".


Lunarplatz has a few things coming up that we would like to mention in this weeks feature. She has a mix coming out with the OUTFLIGHT collective, a podcast mix coming out with Talkless Glasgow in June. The last thing we want to mention that is coming up for Lunarplatz is a charity livestream for Mental Health coming up this weekend, 12th June 2021. This is going to be such a great event and a great cause, with DJs performing from around the world. 

You can find Lunarplatz on socials @lunarplatz including Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud. All of her mixes from her radio slots get posted there afterwards so if you want to catch them, you can do it there.

We have loved featuring her on this weeks blog and we know this is just the beginning for her. She has big goals and we have no doubt she will smash all of them.